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General questions

Can I exchange my goods?

You can return your goods within 14 days if you do not like them. Custom colours excluded, e.g. products made with Linen mixed/fabrics.
The purchase price for goods returned undamaged in their original packaging will be reimbursed.
Please note that the cost of returning shipping charges must be paid by the buyer, as the purchase is at the seller's warehouse originated in Italy. In general, the costs are 10-20% of product value. Custom-made articles and custom colours are excluded.

Can I see a leather sample prior to purchasing?

We would be happy to send leather and fabric samples free of charge.
Please let us know the item and colour you require and you will receive the samples by post within a few days.

Can you send catalogues or leaflets for the furniture of Classic Design?

Because we want to keep our costs as low as possible we produce almost no printed material.
You can see the quality of products better than in any advertising leaflet on the live images in the xxx gallery, which have been sent in by our clients.

Do you have a showroom?

You can come and visit our showroom and production facilities in Tuscany, Italy at any time.

Please notify us of your visit at least 1 week in advance.

Should it not be possible for you to visit us, we will be happy to send you digital photos showing our furniture in production.

Does the furniture of Classic Design correspond to the “originals”?

Our copies are new reproductions of what are known as the “originals”.

Our furniture is produced by hand and using the most modern technology. They are equivalent to the licensed products in terms of quality, proportions and dimensions.
The only small and formal difference to the licensed copies is that our furniture is not produced with an authenticity certificate, designer name and stamped serial number.

Licensed productions have to pay significant fees to the heirs of the designer or holders of the copyright for this formality.
These costs are added to the selling price. That’s why our selling price is generally 2/3 lower than for a licensed copy.
We are constantly striving to maintain the highest possible level of quality for our products, from the chrome and leather quality to the “innards” of our upholstery.

How can Classic Design such good prices?

Classic Design sells only direct from the works in Italy in order to avoid maintaining an expensive marketing structure.

We invest in first class quality and service and save on sales representatives, showrooms, and advertising materials such as catalogues, leaflets and posters.

We are thus able to offer excellent prices for high-quality products.

How long does Classic Design offer special prices in the form of packages?

For reasons of marketing strategy we cannot reveal this information, but we can guarantee that we always offer our customers excellent prices for first-class quality.
We tailor offers to suit the individual customers, so please send us your enquiry and from a certain order value we will prepare a specific offer just for you.

How long is the warranty?

Classic design offers a warranty of 5 years on all material and manufacturing defects. If, within this period a defect appears, the part or piece of furniture will be exchanged or replaced free of charge.

Is the chair rust free?

We use only stainless steel. The tubes are welded and in several steps they are nickel-plated, polished and chrome-plated with a thickness of 0.026 mm.

Do you have spare parts or replacement covers and cushions? Yes, spare parts for our products are available at any time.

Is your furniture what is known as Chinaware?

No, our Bauhaus furniture is produced to 100% in Tuscany, this is how we guarantee real Italian quality.

Often suppliers advertise this on the Internet whilst the goods actually originate from Chinese manufacturers.

This quality is in no way comparable to leather from Italy, neither in terms of raw materials nor the chrome finish and other characteristics.

Often the goods are bought from suppliers in China, repackaged in Italy und sold as Italian goods.

What happens in case goods have to be returned?

Should the goods you have ordered unexpectedly not suit your home, you can send them back to us within 2 weeks without giving a reason.
Please leave the unused furniture in its original packaging and notify us within the period stated. We can only accept back furniture in its original packaging.
For the return transport, proportional costs are due. At the same time as collection we will refund you the purchase price paid.
Custom-made productions and colours are excluded.

When do I have to pay for my order?

All orders must be paid for before they are dispatched from the factory.

For organisational reasons therefore payments must be received by xxx by way of bank transfer approx. 3-4 days before they are due for dispatch.

Credit card payments are not debited during the order process on the website, but are instead also not processed until approx. 3-4 days before your order leaves our factory.

Why are there such large price differences for Bauhaus furniture? Is this reflected in the quality?

Very many suppliers on the Internet buy their goods in China and then destroy the market with their dumping prices.
The quality and workmanship of this furniture is very substandard.

Material: Leather & Mixed-Linen

Can your furniture be upholstered using a customer’s own fabrics?

We can of course also upholster our pieces with your own fabrics.

How can leather best be cleaned?

You can clean leather most easily by rubbing with lukewarm water, washing-up liquid and a sponge.

Is the leather tanned through?

Our leather is tanned through and coloured through. We do not use the vat method!

What is the difference between standard, special and aniline leather?

Both the standard and special leather, as well as the aniline leather are of good quality and very durable.
But they each have a different surface structure and feel.

Payment & shipment

How can I pay?

By bank transfer or by cash on delivery. The purchase price is to be paid at least 3 days before dispatch, any other arrangement requires prior agreement.

What happens if I notice when goods are delivered that the box is damaged?

Please be sure to record this on the delivery note.

What should I write on the delivery note upon delivery?

When signing the delivery note please be sure to write “acceptance of goods subject to subsequent checking".

Transport & Logistics

Can you also deliver to floors above ground level?

Our transport company delivers only to the pavement. For transport to higher floors please request a quotation.

Where are my goods?

After a period of 10 days, please contact us by e-mail:

Transport- & Insurance damages

Do I get an order confirmation?

You will always receive an automatic order confirmation from us. If you have not received this, there may have been a problem with receipt of your e-mail.
Please inform us of this immediately so that we can correct the error.

How is your logistic process working?

The freight forwarder always collects goods from us on Fridays. Then the goods enter the forwarder’s logistics system which can take a few days.

What happens if I notice when goods are delivered that the box is damaged?

If the goods or the box/packaging even got a slightly damage from outside or you notice that they be already opened, please write a note the damage in the transportation letter in the field 18 "damaged box" of the freight forwarder, receipt the goods under reservation and keep a copy of it. You then have the option to report the damage within 7 days or make immediate use of it.

If the box has no visible damage, please open the carton (the driver has to wait and only in his presence) and make sure if there is maybe a hidden damage.

If everything is okay, please sign the document. After your signing, no more damage can be recognized.
We wish you much joy with your new furniture and would be glad to welcome you soon again or friends of yours as valued customers.

In the case of any questions or requests please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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