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Classic design has been one of the most successful manufacturers of Bauhaus furniture in the last decades.

classic design interior barcelona chair mies van der rohe lc2 sofa le corbusier

Our Bauhaus furniture are made in Tuscany. We guarantee genuine Italian quality. For all our furniture we provide high quality, this includes the starting material and also the leather, chrome-plating and other major high properties.

Our furniture are new products on the basis of furniture designs of the twenties and thirties. The predicate "original" gives the feeling, it could be a beautiful piece of the Master's hand, but given the few copies produced at that time, this is not possible.

All of today's classics, no matter from which company they are produced and what price they are offered for are replicas or more politely: reproductions . In most cases not even precise reproductions, because the choice of materials and the technical possibilities in the beginning of the 20th century were still rather limited.

Neither an exact or a true shape upholstery or a flawless chrome plating was not possible at this time. Today, we naturally use foams and advanced electroplating. It is a perfect product for discerning buyers , but you can not call it an "original".

Our products have no differences from those that you can buy for a lot more money, except that we do not print "certificates of authenticity". Is a bed more authentic with a signature stamped in the frame of a designer, who was against productions of furniture under his name (Le Corbusier)? Anyway, this is not our opinion and we do not want to justify excessive prices with such artifices.

Are you interested to receive leather samples? Please request them for free:

Would you like to have a tour in our showroom in Tuscany? We can assist you in booking the flight and hotel.

The delivery time and the loading in our factory takes about 3-4 weeks. Also there are the days for the transport and eventual clearance in your country.

classic design interior lc2 sofa le corbusier

We would be happy to receive your order and already secure you with the best quality and delivery.

For further questions, please contact us:

Classic Design - Bauhaus Classics




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