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Gladly we present you an overview about our high-quality materials, which we use since decades and love so much.


Verchromter Stahl

We just use high-class rustproofed steel for our production, which is bented and high gloss polished before the actual manufacturing. The steel is chrom-plated in a multi-level procedure and processed with silicium. So it will not rust even in humid surroundings.

Our furniture get two layer of nickel and chrome overlay of 35 micron after a careful degreasing and a complexe preparation. This is really a lot and comparatively cost-intensive, but this keeps the furniture at a perfect quality for decades, what we guarantee to you. For completion all chromplated parts get high gloss polished.




Single leather skins got incomparable form of appearances given by nature. Any single one got its own look and no skin equals another. We just use high quality bend leather. A lot of other producers use low-grade upper leather, which is towelled and topically treated to cover abrasions and scars. This scars will appear after some time and show an unbalanced appearance. Classic Design will never use leather like that.

To guarantee you a long life period and quality of the leather, our skins are tanned with a modern refining procedure. One of the most important step of procedure is the colouring. Our leather skins are just coloured by a complex drum process, which positively and sustainable influences the colour penetration.

Most of other factories are just using a simple vat-dying process, which not guarantees you a penetrable colouring. Our leather from Italy is characterized by a really high quality.

Just around the half of cow skins are suitable for our high-class manufacturing. We just use happy European cows for our production, because these animals are big enough. Cows from Argentinia for example are much smaller and their skin often show a lot of scars caused by tick bites and pasture fences.

The skins we use for our Anilin leather got a thickness of 1,5 mm and are chosen by hand and tailored after it. So we ensure not to process faulty leather skins.


Skins are divided horizontal while the tanning process. The top layer is called „grain side“ because of its natural grain and the lower layer „split leather“.

The leather provides a delicate scent and another pleasant feature is, it will never feel cold. Sure this advantage costs a bit more and is just offered by renowned manufacturers.


The skins which are not perfect and been sharpened get a kind of finishing, this procedure is called „pigmentation“. This leather is less soft when you touch it and shows a little more of a distinct grain and shiny surface.


The price gets cheaper, if the surface of the leather is corrected more. So the material feels harder and colder. Also it is thinner and often you can see formation of wrinkels. Chemicals which are used for the pigmentation in Europe are harmless, but if you buy from other manufacturers, who are producing their furniture in China, the risk for allergic reaction gets higher and often you will notice a really aggravating smell. Surely Classic Design is not providing such kind of bad leather.

Cotton Fabric - Linen Mist Lino

Our robust cotton fabric is Made in Italy. Also we offer you „Misto Lino“, which is a mix of 63 % cotton and 37 % linen. The weight is 380 gram per meter and you can order it in many different colours. Also it is washable at 30 degrees.


Marble is a high grade natural stone. We use white, grey ranged „Carrara“ and black „Marquinia“ marble. The fine compositions and homogeneity are specially interesting for architecture and sculptures.

Because of its unique texture marble is traded as one of the most noble natural materials. If you have additional wishes, we can also manufacture yellow „Siena“ and green „Guatemala“ marble.




Special high expertise is required to produce Bauhaus Classics to the original specifications. Also we just use special tools and coordinated processing tasks. So we can for example bend tubes or form paddings exactly the way the designer did it, which provides you high quality and furniture with a long life.

We produce Bauhaus and modern Design Classics in our Tuscan factory in a way, that will guarantee you a lot of joy with your ordered furniture even after years.

Specialized Italien factories ensure the best quality and precised handwork.


Why are different online shops offering similar products for different prices? The answer is quite simple: The quality determines the price.

If your intention is to purchase an icon of modern design, you should have an eye for high quality materials and a manufacturer with a lot of experience in producing.


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