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The production - Bauhaus furniture became symbols of the new facility style

Classic Design Production Barcelona Chair Mies van der Rohe

The foundation of the Bauhaus pedagogy was the work of the students in various workshops . There, the unity of artistic and practical training should be implemented and the artists should be relieved of their academic specialization.

No workshop influenced the Bauhaus like the furniture workshop. Principles of furniture production was that practically every thing fulfill its function, it had to be durable, inexpensive and beautiful. There was a purism of clearness, smoothness and slim outlines accompanied by an almost sterile hygienic freshness.

A series of chair designs that should show the technical and aesthetic possibilities of new materials, brought a radical departure from traditional office furniture. Shiny steel rod was discovered as raw material. Due to its reflective surface it gave the new furniture a clear and simple aesthetic.

From now on, these furniture became symbols of the new furnishing style.

Steel furniture covered with leather or fabric, as announced by Marcel Breuer, head of the furniture workshop, were comfortable, easy, cheap and much more hygienic than traditional furniture. A new type of beauty was created. This new aesthetic quality and beauty guided by the exact forms and dimensions, which can almost be described as "magic of precision".

The message of the Bauhaus is expressed most clearly in the furniture designs by Le Corbusier. The formal transformation of chairs and sofas by the externally visible use of a powerful, indestructible steel or metal frame , is the most obvious innovation. His famous armchairs (LC2, LC3, Grand Confort) and most comfortable chaise longue of all beds (LC4) are created on the basis of this new principle. The seat is flexible and supports the outer edges correspond clear geometric shapes. The appearance is dominated by smooth, elegant lines of the steel tubes. Steel itself has a natural elasticity and brings with it a certain uniformity. The viewer feels a psychological and aesthetic purity that inspires even today.

Original Replica - The Classics as Reproduction - Classic Designs

wassily chair production marcel breuer

Our products are exact replicas of the drafts of the furnitures from the twenties and thirties. So there are no originals that come from the Bauhaus workshops of that time (which were manufactured by the Bauhaus designers personally).

Such pieces are very rare to find at the present time and are mostly in museums or in private collections. With the shape and material of the former faithful reproductions of the originals we create enthusiastic customers the opportunity to share the work of the designer for an affordable price. Most of these pieces are still produced by hand in small Italian companies.

Of course, there are differences to the originals, with us you get a brand new furniture, because most of the originals have been used for many decades. From the perspective of the design and quality you can not detect any significant deviations to the original model. Of course you should also consider the technical options which are available today and how the furnitures were hand-made at the beginning of the last century.

The modern technologies for the treatment of the metal surfaces or polyurethane padding of furniture provide the benefits of modern manufacturing, without giving a disadvantage to the originality of the pieces of furniture.

Differences in quality of production

classic design production steel raw bauhaus

On the question, why different manufacturers offer similar products at different prices, the answer is easily given: The quality determines the price. If you also want to own an icon of modern design, you should buy a product with highest quality of material from a manufacturer with decades of experience.


Leather hides have individual, incomparable manifestations naturally. Each skin has its own look. We only use high quality leather. Some manufacturers use the upper-grade, which needs to be rubbed and surface-treated to mask abrasions and scars. These scars are revealed with time and give the leather an unbalanced appearance. To ensure the quality and durability of the leather we are tanning the hides in compliance with modern finishing processes. In the appearance of leather an important factor is the process of staining. We dye our leather hides exclusively in a tumbling process, which positively affects the penetration of the color term.


We only use high grade stainless steel. It is bent and polished before the actual processing. The steel is plated in a multistage process and treated with silicon, so that no rust can form in a wet environment. At the end all chrome parts are highly polished.


To establish Bauhaus and Modern Classic Furniture according to the original specifications, a sophisticated expertise is essential. Years of experience, special tools and coordinated processes are necessary in order to bending tubes exactly as the original specifications may or to shape the padding so that they do not sag even after years of use. In our workshops in the Tuscany we produce Bauhaus and Modern Classic Furniture in a professional way , so you can enjoy these beautiful objects even after years.


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