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Zig-Zag Chair

Art.-Nr.: GR P/100


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Product description

A De Stijl classic made in 1934 by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld.

Material / Features

  • Ash wood chair
  • Cherry or black-stained 10% on the base-price


width 47 cm, depth 80 cm, height 60 cm, cbm 0.20


The Zig Zag Chair was designed by Gerrit Rietveld in 1934.

He has chosen a minimalist design without legs, which is based on four wooden parts. The individual components are fused in a Z-shape with zinc compound.

The result is the chair for the famous Schröder House in Utrecht.

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We are really satisfied with your interest in our Bauhaus classic furniture, which are produced in the Tuscany, what guarantees you the best possible Italian quality.

Many other providers and especially online shops are advertising with this advantage, but in reality, they obtain their products from China. You can not compare our quality with these shops, especially the Italian leather has an amazing quality, neither it is the raw material nor the chrome plating.

The seal of quality „Made in Italy“ guarantees you a product, which is totally produced in Italy. This is really important, because in accordance with the article 24 of the European trade law (Reg EEC 2913/1992), goods can only use the seal „Made in Italy“, if the factory achieves following criteria:

"Goods whose production involved more than one country shall be deemed to originate in the country where they underwent their last, substantial, economically justified processing or working in an undertaking equipped for that purpose and resulting in the manufacture of a new product or representing an important stage of manufacture.“

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Classic Design grants ten years of guarantee for the quality of our chrome. For all material and production faults you get five years guarantee. If in this time any lack of quality appears, we will replace the damaged part or the whole piece of furniture for free.

Our customers are predominantly architects, doctors, lawyers, high-grade hotel facilities, highclass offices and more, who got an clear overwiew for the market of design furniture. They are really satisfied with our products and price-performance ratio.

Surely you have no experience with us, when you’re buying for the first time, but in the moment you receive your goods and start the unboxing, you’ll be amazed and even more satisfied then you imagined.

Belgien, Dänemark, Deutschland, Frankreich, Italien, Kroatien, Luxemburg, Niederlande, Polen, Östereich, Slowakei, Slowenien, Tchechien, Ungarn 25 € + 10 % des Warenwertes Kostenfrei ab 2.000 €
Estland, Finnland, Griechenland (Festland), Lettland, Litauen, Schweden 30 € + 12 % des Warenwertes Kostenfrei ab 2.500 €
Albanien, Andorra, Bosnien & Herzegowina, Bulgarien, Mazedonien, Montenegro, Norwegen, Portugal, Rumänien, Schweden, Serbien, Spanien (Festland), Vereinigtes Königreich (Festland) 50 € + 12 % des Warenwertes Kostenfrei ab 3.000 €
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Schweiz (an ein Grenzpaketlager) 30 € + 12 % des Warenwertes Kostenfrei ab 3.000 €
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Rietveld, Gerrit

Rietveld, Gerrit

Gerrit Thomas Rietveld (1888-1964) was a Dutch architect and designer. He became famous for his participation in the artist group De Stijl.

Rietveld started his career as a carpenter. He gained architectural knowledge through evening classes.

The artist group De Stijl was formed by an eponymous Dutch Journal of Visual Arts, edited by Theo van Doesburg and published between 1917 and 1932. Rietveld gained success through his Rietveld Schröder House (Utrecht) and the red and blue chair of 1918. Even at the Bauhaus, his ideas were taken up.

Some of the defining features of his work are the geometric shapes and a reduction to the primary colors yellow, red and blue. They are meant as an attempt to bring together visual arts, design and architecture.


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